About Storytel

Storytel is a digital subscription service which streams audiobooks to your mobile phone. You download an app to your phone (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone) and start a subscription.

The service is similar to that of Spotify, in that you pay a fixed price for a subscription (SEK 169/month) and may then listen to as much as you like. Books are streamed in the mp3 format and it is possible to store them in an offline mode so they can be enjoyed even without a mobile signal.

Storytel has agreements with almost all publishers in Sweden and can, therefore, in principle offer their customers every title that is published as an audiobook, as soon as they are made available.

In addition, Storytel even records audiobooks through Storyside. Not all printed books are released as audiobooks and occasionally parts of a series may be missing as they were only released on CD. That is why we are trying to fill those holes where books are missing and, by doing so, broaden the range of titles made available by Storytel. There are currently more than 2500 titles available on Storytel and more are added every month.

Most books on Storytel are in Swedish but we are also working hard to acquire more English titles. We hope to be able to offer a wide and varied English library in 2013.

The company was founded in 2005 by Jon Hauksson (Systems Architect and Head Developer) and Jonas Tellander (CEO) under the name Bokilur, but changed the name in 2007 to Storytel, mainly to facilitate international expansion.

Storytel grew by 125% in 2012 and, as of April 2013, currently had in excess of 40,000 paying customers. Storytel today accounts for approximately one-third of the audiobook market and has brought growth back to the market following 5 years of decline brought about by the reduction in CD sales.